The Pentecostals of Peterborough church was founded in this great city in 1978. In April of 1991, Pastor Terry Crawford felt the calling of The Lord to Peterborough, from the church he pastored in North Bay, Ontario. Pastor Crawford, his wife Tanya, and children Tara, Tyson and Terry Jr. moved to Peterborough, and their family has been an integral part of the church ever since.
Soon after arriving, along with existing church members, Pastor Crawford helped purchase land in Assumption, a few minutes south of Peterborough. In 1996, the church added its first extension to this property on 1821 Keene Rd. Great revival ensued and a few years later, the church began construction on its latest addition. In July 2013, our congregation moved to this new addition.

The greatest history of our church is yet to come. Join us for a service and find out why Pentecostals of Peterborough is a great place to call home!